Formal, essential, clean lines and functional furniture

Industrial style starts from the choice of living space: lofts and open-plan settings are the most suitable. This is because having large and airy rooms with few partitions is a truer imitation of a real industrial space. It’s characterised by a distinctive design, based on formal, essential and clean lines: this ensures the furniture is functional, totally unadorned and made of durable materials. It features a simple yet robust design and a grunge charm that allows it to be inserted in any environment, from living rooms to kitchens, in a very original way.

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New models and new highlights.

Discover the flagship models, new finishes and kitchens you like the most in thematic insights.

Lab, the kitchen that offers you a unique and refined selection of material effects.

New textures, new colours, new effects. Today’s modern kitchen, where you’re free to compose it just the way you want, without compromise.

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Lola: the eclectic kitchen. Free your imagination and design the kitchen of your dreams.

Lola, the brand new wooden kitchen that can be adapted to any style, leaving you to free to choose the kitchen of your dreams.
Eclectic and versatile, it can portray both contemporary moods and aesthetics with a classic and very chic signature, thanks to trendy elements with industrial or minimalist inserts, details that lend a country feel, or complements with Nordic traits.

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Loft program. Texture and chromatic combinations offering surprising effects.

The modern kitchen designed for changing environments boasting unique finishes.
Discover the space-saving solutions and selected colours to create your kitchen space with a modern character.

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