Magda       Nora

The model concept

The kitchen that speaks volumes about you.

Morgana is made from oak wood,  the door fascia feature with  vertical staves  and the  finishes  have a distressed effect. It embodies  the  true essence of country kitchen from times gone by,  places visited  on holiday and the stories told by your grandparents. It says something about you and, in some way, about all of us.

Associated Styles

Technical Features

The distinctive feature of the tall units

Made in the same finish as the kitchen, their elegance and refinement define the composition.

English-style glass doors

Romantic and traditional, they epitomise the strong classic styling.

Old style handle

The distinctive antiqued metal lends a strong decorative note to the composition.

Advanced base unit

This houses the hob and is equipped with 4 very useful drawers and two large drawers.



Available finishes:


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