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The model concept

Once again, the oak wood kitchen is at the forefront of current trends, thanks to the  solid wood frame in knotted oak with unique, original and natural finishes .  The true essence of the wood displays both its strength and its beauty. The highlighted knots and graining showcase its unmistakable character.   Also available in a coloured version in our full range of hues, but with knots and graining still visible.

Associated Styles

Technical Features

The charm of oak wood

Oak wood with visible knots, distinctive graining and all the wonderful characteristics of this highly prized wood species: a choice with character.

Oven within tall units

A designer solution which is both ergonomic and innovative.

Tall units with pull-out shelves

Available in a range of sizes, they are completely removable and allow you perfect access to everything inside.

Removable swivel trays

Featuring a silky-smooth operation, they’re an excellent solution to make the most of corner spaces.



Available finishes:


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