The model concept:

The multi-functional kitchen

Sesamo kitchens create spaces for meeting, spending time together, preparing food and savouring its flavour. Build your fitted kitchen using the modular components available in different laminate versions and, for something really original, match them with the high-gloss white lacquered finish.

Technical Features:

  • LacquerLacquer
  • LaminateLaminate
  • Tranché laminateTranché laminate
  • Gola-system handleGola-system handle
  • Living room featuresLiving room features
  • Mixable with other modelsMixable with other models
  • EcologicEcologic

Compositions gallery

Sesamo Laccato Bianco Lucido Sesamo Laminato Opaco Crema E Moka Sesamo Laminato Tranche Larice Bianco E Laminato Rosso Sesamo Laminato Tranche Larice Cener E Laccato Bianco Lucido Sesamo Laminato Tranche Larice Cenere Sesamo Laminato Tranche Larice Moro E Laminato Arancio Opaco

Details gallery

Sesam Particolare Laminato Tranche Larice Bianco Sesamo Particolare Elementi Living Sesamo Particolare Laminato Opaco Arancio Sesamo Particolare Laminato Opaco Moka E Crema Sesamo Particolare Laminato Tranche Larice Cenere Sesamo Particolare Laminato Tranche Larice Cenere

Available finishes:

Laccato Lucido Ral Ncs Laminato Opaco Arancio Laminato Opaco Bianco Laminato Opaco Moka Laminato Opaco Rosso Laminato Tranche Larice Bianco Laminato Tranche Larice Sabbia Lamninato Tranche Larice Cenere Laminato Tranche Larice Moro


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