Masonry kitchens

Our masonry kitchens tell the story of country style, but also win over the modern world.

You can chose from our mural painted kitchens with 14 different finishes and colours, and from our compositions with blockboard wooden walls clad with natural stone or tiles. In all cases, your fitted kitchen is always 100% original, unique and one of a kind. And it is really easy to install.
The painted mural walls or surfaces clad with natural stone can be combined with models from our traditional and modern kitchen collections, and you will soon see just how much they bring in terms of style.
Choose from latest-generation accessories and complements and you will see just how ergonomic, functional and high-tech your modern masonry or country kitchen can be.



Designing a masonry kitchen means bringing together wood, colour, marble, stone, brick and ceramic. Technique, materials and poetry, units and imagination, all coexist in a single harmonious whole, today as was the case centuries ago.



Expert craftsmen work in a dedicated masonry workshop, applying murals, natural stone, tiles and decoration by hand to the wall surfaces in blockboard wood. The skill and passion of these crafters transforms masonry kitchen designs into high-quality and beautifully rare creations.

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